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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Not that I am disagreeing, but lets examine Luke Walton as opposed to Kapono.

Kapono has been on many many teams. Everytime his contract expires, he gets new ones. Luke Walton has been locked in with his lucrative contract and it had been very difficult to get rid of him. Not to mention Luke was a Phil favorite. After this contract expires, I doubt Luke re-signs, but rather retires and looks for coaching opportunities.

Ok, I agree with you again......but if Kapono was PROVEN he would be able to stick. His career has been blah, accomplishments nil and memorable moments non existent. Hey.....Smush Parker averaged 11 points 2 seasons in a row........and we're not calling him proven.....he even had big offensive/defensive playoff games (or 1 at least).

We should throw a party once we're rid of Luke (Money Stealer) Walton's contract
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