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Default Re: Seattle to get a new team by fall?

Originally Posted by Lakers Legend#32
Sorry OKC, even if Seattle gets a new team, it will not clear your dirty concious for how you stole our team.

That is the dumbest thing I have heard on this board.

OKC didn't steal the team, Clay Bennet did. Seattle had chances to keep the team by building a new arena. I LIVE in SEATTLE. I was here for this. The city didn't want to build another arena right after quest (now century link) and safeco just got built. I f*cking hate Bennett and stern for the way they lied and planned all along to move to OKC but shit dont blame the fans. If a team with an absolute superstar and fantastic gm were brought to your doorstep you'd love it. Those fans are some of the loudest, most supportive in the league and to all those saying if okc had the kings and seattle the thunder then okc fans wouldn't be as supportive is completely unknowable.
Its not oklahoma city's fault the sonics got relocated.

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