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I dropped to in the last 2 years of playing that I remember. I think there was a 3rd aswell. I've only be playing bball for 2 years so yeah ... But most memorable one. I just subbed in, playing in Adelaide in FASASA, some Filipino league. The ball was on the 45* at the 3pt line, I ran up to the top of the 3 to receive the pass. Once I caught it my defender who stayed back shuffled along to get on front of me, I threw a jab step in the direction that he was shuffling, he must've thought that I was going to drive cause he took a really quick step then he realized I didn't actually take off and I saw his reaction to try to shift back the other way and he just lost it, completely on the ground, I then just one stepped and passed the other direction. He never left me alone that game and I didn't even do anything lol
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