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Default Re: Lakers lose to the sixers: 90-95

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Here is the problem......we don't have a PG so we only have Kobe to penetrate and get the ball to Bynum........we don't have anyone who can hit shots on a regular basis so this allow teams to sag back or cheat to double, triple Bynum.......this is why we take so long to get into our offense and often Kobe gets the ball back with little time on the clock. We need to get a real PG!!!!!
We could also use 1 or 2 gets who can create their own shot and make a good %.
I agree, even an average PG would do wonders for this team. Simmons said it best:

Look, it's not rocket science: Any basketball game is going to be more entertaining with competent-or-better point guards running the show. (Cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding.) Without the right point guard, you won't get fast break points or easy baskets (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), you won't have good ball movement (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), it's harder to get your post guys the ball in the right spots (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), and you might have to rely on one perimeter player shooting 25 to 30 times a game while everyone else stands around (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding vigorously while fighting off tears). More point guards = more fun.
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