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Default Re: In the same mins, Jordan has more PTs/RBs/ASTs/BLKs/STLs but less TOs then Kobe

Originally Posted by TheFrozenOne
different era's...and pace.

Look at Oscar's Stats and minutes compared to Jordan....or Wilt's

Jordan in the modern era would be a 42%fg putting up 25 - 30PPG in his prime/modern era.

just think that in the 80's there were over 30 players who scored over 24PPG on 50%FG......

it has only been done 5times in the past 12 years.

It is actually a much easier/softer era today. Just look at all the rule changes that pu$$ifies the league. Did you see how the late 80s/early 90s Pistons play? Or how about the mid-90s Knicks? Tackling a player mid-air is considered a foul or a warning. Today, it equals suspension.

Jordan would do more damage to today's kids not just because of his basketball skills but his athleticism and physical prowess.
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