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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

Originally Posted by franchize
Yea because Sebastian is on a team full of PG' being a Hall of Famer. Theres no way you can convince me that Jared Jeffries is better than him. So let me inform you NOW that you're wasting your time. Jared Jeffries could have three 40 point games and I'm still going to say he sucks. I've seen to much of him to be fooled.

BTW Sebastian averages more points in 7 less minutes per game.

Just found out, Jeffries is shooting a career best 69% from the FT line.

You guys love to shoot my suggestions down, but the facts are the facts.
Jeffries is not an offensive player, it's not his game, and we all know it.

He is a hustle player, and he is a solid defender.

He guards 1-5 on the court, and is a terrific help defender.

Fans may not appreciate a guy who doesn't score, and that's only because if you're not a scorer, you have to be a scrub, but believe me, his teammates do appreciate what he does out there.

What's crazy though is Jeffries actually has been good offensively.

If he doesn't score, he usually will get the offensive board or get fouled.

My only issue with him is that since he is a situational player, he can't be on the floor that long.

Now the question to be asked is.....why foul a guy who can't make a layup consistently?

OAN Telfair is garbage man.

I do find it interesting that you can get on Jeffries because of his lack of offense, yet you can defend Telfair where as a pg his offense is even worse.

The kid can't shoot a lick, and his defense is atrocious, and turnover prone at that.
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