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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

I think Kobe meant if he WASN'T capable of being alpha dog down the stretch and still show flashes then he wouldn't stick around. MJ at 40 still showed alpha dog traits, was still in the all around sense one of the top SF's (Jordan played mostly SF when he came back), and averaged over 20 points both seasons with the Wiz. Jordan actually took a backseat more than he should have with the Wiz. I'm sure he was trying to preserve his body. But at the same time he was an executive who was also playing a teaching role at the same time. Kobe has a sick scoring arsenal AND great all around ability like MJ. So if Kobe CHOSE to score 18 or 19 points a night on a deep contender then that's one thing. But if 18-19 points is ALL he is capable of AND he's not on a contender then that's different. But 18-19 points at 40 years of age is DIFFERENT from 18-19 points at 35 years old. So the 18-19 points he was talking about WASN'T as cut and dry as it sounded.
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