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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

Jeffries's help defense is great. He doesn't have the weight to guard low post scorers but he does an admirable job preventing penetration when he is matched up with guards. That's why switching hasn't completely bitten us in the @ss this season; our defensive numbers have been solid for the most part.

His activity on the defensive end is especially important when so many of our players are prone to defensive lapses. I still remember when Rondo was raping us in transition Game 2 of the playoffs. As soon as Jeffries came in, he was the lone Knick sprinting in transition to stop Rondo and he singlehandedly changed the dynamic of the game to a halfcourt battle between both teams.

Say what you want about his improving offense but he is a good defender, and I love having him and Chandler together on defense (offense is another story).
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