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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

Franchize, you know you're my guy, but knock it off about Jeffries.

The things you're berating the guy about are the same things we do as well.

We know he isn't an offensively skilled player....we know that.

We also know he should not get more than 15 minutes a game because he is a situational player, and no one is advocating him getting more, not even me.

I love the guy, yes I do, because he does things on the court, little things that transpire into big things like for instance drawing charges.

That alone immediately gives the team the possession, even better than blocks or gambling for a steal.

I know you've played organized ball, I have as well, and you know it is not always about scoring, someone has to do that "other" work, and having a guy willing to do it is appreciated.

Star players aren't gonna sacrifice their body like that...diving on the floor , taking charges, guarding multiple positions.

Besides his teammates love him, and that matters 100 to me as a fan.

To me Jeffries is that dude that sticks his neck out for you, even though he knows personally he is about to get crushed.

I respect effort over skill all day, every day, because some do not use their skills nearly enough for the fanbase they Telfair.

Telfair is garbage because he hasn't developed his skill, and that is disgraceful from a fan perspective, because the kid has talent that he refuses to use.

Telfair is keeping Telfair from being a very good NBA player.

That's far worse than beating on a minimum wage hustle player.
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