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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

Here's the problem...He's NOT getting 15 minutes a game. He's playing 20 and he'd probably be playing even more had he not gotten injured. I guess where we differ is talent vs hustle. You can make a talented player hustle through good coaching. You can't make a player, only good for hustling, talented. Contrary to belief, the Knicks problems haven't been getting Crawford, Marbury, Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph etc. The Knicks main problems have been relying on heavy minutes from guys like Ward, Eisley, Oakley, Jeffries, Douglas, Duhon,etc. Guys who are overhyped because the give effort, but people completely ignore their lack of talent. This isn't little league. You don't get a participation certificate and a trophy like everyone else. You're competing against the best and you need to be talented to do so. Jeffries is a liability. Yall claim he's a "great help defender" 1st and foremost, stop throwing the word great out. Jeffries doesn't do ANYTHING great. Great is Patrick Ewing (who the media and fans crucified btw). 2nd, Jeffries may do some things well in help defense but he can't guard his own man.. Therefore, he's a liability. People just dismiss the fact that he sucks offensively. Correct me if I'm wrong, this is basketball right? You don't have a DH. This isn't football either. You don't get to substitute offense for defense. I don't get how the same people ripping D'Antoni (and deservingly so), can then turn around and praise Jeffries. Everytime Jeffries is on the court, we are playing 4 on 5 offensively and sometimes defensively.
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