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Default Re: League's MPG Leaders List or How To Predict The Next Injured Star

Originally Posted by dunksby
I'm going with Gasol/Gay as the next stars to go down with an injury. It is understandable that Gasol gotta play more after losing Zbo but he is playing 7 minutes more than last season is just too much especially in an intense schedule as this year.
I hope now that Haddadi has solved his bureaucratic problems, Gasol can get more rest. I am convinced that Haddadi can provide quality minutes, but the problem is that the impact of Marc on the field is crucial and when he is on the bench their defense and offense is impaired. This team has shown it can play without Gay, and also without Z-Bo but I have serious doubts that they can play without Gasol. He is the chassis that holds all the other pieces
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