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Default Re: In the same mins, Jordan has more PTs/RBs/ASTs/BLKs/STLs but less TOs then Kobe

Originally Posted by swi7ch
Off the top of my head, Kobe quit against the PHO series. I believe this is the one where LAL had like a 3-1 lead and then PHO came back to win the series. He quit on them and refused to take any shot in I believe one half of the game.

He also quit during the last game of the series when BOS won the championship. Jordan never quits on his team even when his team is down... especially in the Finals!

There are more but it's hard to type on my phone.

unless the Birmingham Barons need a first string benchwarmer

Jordan mythologists are the most delusion fan base around. No player has quit like Jordan has.
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