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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

Originally Posted by Force
You are here claiming that Kobe was the #1 guy from 1997 to 2004? LOL, Kobe was #1 ZERO times out of all of those seasons. Maybe you are confused about my post? Kobe was never the #1 guy until the season after Shaq was traded, this isn't even debatable.

it's always been debatable...that's why they clashed.

By 2001 Kobe was the best allaround player in the NBA and the Lakers #1`option in crunchtime/most important part of the game/4th quarter

kobe was never going to take a backseat or be the 2nd guy for anyone....granted when Shaq had a mismatch Kobe would exploit it to win...but don't get discombobulated.

Kobe was always going to be the Alpha Wolf in the pack...and was L.A.'
s best allaround player and the leagues premiere player since 2001.
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