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Default Re: Official Jeremy Lin picture thread. Linsanity!

Originally Posted by baller562
I gotta say, I'm not even racially sensitive but I ask you guys... why does it seem more acceptable to make fun of Asians than any other race? I mean... I understand its funny... but calling them wierd, making fun of accents, dumpling references, mocking asian parents, and kung fu. How is this any different than,

Black people < making fun of fried chicken, ghetto fabulous, ebonics, etc.
Hispanics < eating beans, mowing lawns, speaking like a cholo, etc.

It's the same sh*t... moderators/admin would of banned any thread with references to that. I know its a basketball forum and Asian's are far and few... but am I wrong to see this double standard?

Stop making issues where there are none.
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