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Default Re: NBA should merge with EuroLeague

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
Why not?

Instead of a 6 game road trip for, say, Warriors to fly out to New England and down to Miami, swing back through Texas........ instead make it a 10 game road trip, to Germany, France, back to Germany, Greece, swing back through Spain

Meanwhile you got Italy & Belgium working the Stateside hoops.....


The nightmare of the long flight is nullified by the factor of byes after each flight... on the way over you got 3 days off in Hamburg hangin' on the Reeperbahn, then 3 days on, uhh... certain beaches in Barcelona on the way back............ where's the problem? You can sleep on the plane right

Germany and France teams are one of the worst in EL. None of them made to the playoffs. There are a lot of teams from eastern Europe and Russia so flights would be very long.
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