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Default Re: Kobe chooses Lebron as the player he would like to team up with..

People always trying to reach to make Kobe and Lebron look like rivals. Both players respect each other a lot. I don't think Kobe had an agenda at all. Im a Lebron fan, personally. But that tandem would be the best 1-2 punch ever. Kobe would be seeing a ton of one of one matchups and his scoring/FG% would improve big time. Lebron would average a double/double for sure and would probably rack up triple doubles like crazy. Its too bad we probably won't ever see that happen, but people are lying if they don't think those two would mow through the league. Lebron is putting up historically good stats playing with Wade, who really isn't a good fit. Kobe is in his 16th season and is still going strong for the most part. The problem is no one would ever appreciate those two for what they could bring. All we would hear is that Lebron needs Kobe, MJ didn't need Lebron to win ring 6 like Kobe did, etc.....
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