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I'm sure that Mgt. is searching for ways to improve the team.
They are tentative however, to do anything major until the Dwight/Dwill scenario plays out.

Here are 2 moves I wouldn't mind seeing the Lakers make. They would address the teams biggest needs, the 1 and the 3. The trouble is they would use both our first rounders, and thus may make any Dwight/Dwill scenario tougher. But here goes:

1. Trade a first rounder and part of the LO TE (about 1/2 of it) to Cleveland for Ramon Sessions. (you could also trade most of the TE and a first rounder to the Hawks for Kirk Hinrich).

I believe Cleveland would make this deal. Sessions is a nice player. He's a good defender and passer, though not much of a shooter. I like his length and quicks.

2. Trade MWP and one (or more) of our young players, plus the other first rounder, for Stephen Jackson.

This one may be harder, but the Bucks could Amnesty MWP after the season. Also, picking up a young player and a pick and getting SJax out of town may be worth it. Skiles and the Bucks are the wrong fit for him.
In Lakerland, he'd have Kobe's influence to keep him in check. He can split time at the 3 with Barnes, and back up Kobe at the 2. He is a great defender, and he can lite up the scoreboard. He can creat his own shot, which would be big to have on the perimeter with the first unit and Huge to have on the second unit (which seems to have trouble scoring at times.) GLok, SJax and either Bynum or Gasol on the floor makes for a nice second unit, which could score and defend.

1. Sessions
2. Kobe
3. SJax/Barnes
4. Pau
5. Drew

That team can D it up with anyone. They have another perimeter scoring threat in SJax, and a much bolstered 2nd unit. I believe they would be as good as anyone in the West.

Also, SJax seems to be a guy Dwight really admires. He indicated before he wanted the Magic to get him, though they failed.

We'd still be in the mix for both Dwight and DWill. Though we'd lose the first rounders, we'd have more talented players to possibly make a deal work.

My personal feeling is that Dwight and DWill end up together, but I think the Lakers are option #3, after NJ and Dallas.

Interesting side note: If NJ fails to get Dwight by the deadline, and Cuban wants to go after both players in FA this offseason, Dallas will have to amnesty Haywood AND trade Marion to make room for both. They would need to unload Marion for a TE, to get him off the books. If we still have the full LO TE, we could offer it back to them for Marion. Yes, we'd be helping Cuban possibly get both Dwight and DWill, but if they decide that's where they want to be we can't stop them. They will need to give Marion to someone, and will have options, so why not have the Lakers as the beneficiaries. Marion can start at the 3 and back up at the 4. He's a great defender and still very athletic. A FC of Marion, Pau and Drew would be as good or better than the Mavs championship FC of Marion, Dirk and Chandler. If we could sign someone like Hinrich or Sessions in the offseason (both will be FA's) with the MLE, we'd have a starting 5 of:
1. Hinrich or Sessions
2. Kobe
3. Matrix
4. Pau
5. Drew

If we made the aforementioned SJax trade we'd have him off the bench.
That would be a pretty damned good team.
I'm not saying we give up on the Dwight/DWill dream yet, but if they decide to go elsewhere, we could do a lot worse.


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