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Default Re: Final 4: Georgetown vs. Ohio State Game Thread

Originally Posted by Younggrease
Somebody finally said it...Oden isnt the same caliber of player as Bill Russel or KAreem. So people stop comparing them. Damn if this game or week showed you anything its he isnt the same level of talent.

Watch old PAtrick Ewing games in college or Shaq games in college. He isnt on that level and I think its a disservice to the great centers of the past to assumee he will just naturally get there.

Hibbert isnt really that good. And Oden couldnt even score at will on him.

Selective hearing?

He didnt say Oden alone wasnt Kareem or Russell. He said the matchup of the two Centers wasnt a classic battle of two great Centers because neither were close to being great or on thier level.

In short he basically said the matched up Hibbert and Oden didnt live up to the fantasy expectations. And it didnt.
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