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Default Re: Final 4: Georgetown vs. Ohio State Game Thread

Kareem? No. Oden isnt Kareem. Ewing? Ewing was a 13/7.5 player as a freshman and wasnt first team all american either. His team made it to and lost the title game. Hakeem was an 8/6 player and they lost with a lot of talent in the final 4 or elite 8. dont feel like checking for which. He played Moses Malone all summer and improved over his next couple years.

Oden is short of Kareems standard but right now neither Ewing or Hakeem blow him away as freshmen. Hes got a way to go but if people judged Hakeem and Ewing so harshly wanting them to be Kareem as freshmen people would have hated on them too. It doesnt take a 20/10 average or day in day out dominance at 18 to be a great bigman.
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