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Default Re: Final 4: Georgetown vs. Ohio State Game Thread

Originally Posted by Younggrease
Its not Oden's team..thats the point. Oden has done nothing to make that his team. Its more Conley's and Lewis's team than Oden. They actually looked better without Oden this whole tourney.

That's so not true. They would've been lucky to be a 5th seed without Oden.

Conley's a good young pg, but their defense does better when they can just allow Oden to protect the paint.

The refs have beens screwing Oden all tournament long, especially 2day his first 2 fouls were ticky tack calls, especially the "offensive" where all he did was lower his shoulder really without any force and the guy went flying.

Oden can be a special player in college and pros. He had a few hurdles to get over this season and he came through nicely. And he's had a very very very good tournament by any big man's standards, basically playing in 20 minute games with his BS foul trouble

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