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Default Re: the fantastic 4!

Originally Posted by knickswin
this is going to be a much different role for him from now on. he'll play as a wing instead of a point forward.

which is his natural position.

Originally Posted by knickswin
I don't know why everyone assumes amar'e is going to be great for them. yes, he's a better pick and roll finisher than jeffries and maybe chandler too. but chandler and jeffries are high iq players who play good d and do the little things. amar'e doesn't.

i think jeffries is great, but c'mon man, the possibility of playing off picks from chandler and stat makes them unguardable. you'll see opponents frontlines in foul trouble after the 1st quarter.

Originally Posted by knickswin
I freaking love tyson chandler by the way. what a great player.

me too now. i've been bashing him a lot but these last games he convinced me. great player.
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