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Originally Posted by fubu05
He's also been asked to be the playmaker and facilitator. Which is something hes never done in his career It's like trying to tell Durant to run a team offensively. Be the playmaker, be the scorer, be the PG and scoring SF at the same time. How do you think he would do? Have you for one second stopped and though.. well gee, Melo has never been this bad before, has anything changed? Has he been facing double-teams all year because STAT has been rendered into a Jason Collins-like player with no PG? Is he maybe out of his comfort zone doing something he's never done before?

You can face palm all you want, but there's absolutely no shortage of people mirroring my sentiments regarding the potential for Melo's return to mess up the chemistry emboldened by this current string of successful wins.

We aren't discussing Carmelo Anthony's struggles as a facilitator or playmaker, we're discussing the Carmelo Anthony who wants to put the team on his back by playing iso ball, all the while potentially freezing out options in the post like Amar'e... to the point that he has to acknowledge through various channels that he's been doing something wrong by not keeping his superstar teammate better involved. These aren't new revelations, dude.

Everything you're using to somehow mitigate the authenticity of claims against Melo as a ball stopper aren't really hitting their mark. So, if his struggles stem from being asked to play a role ill suited for the type of skill set he possesses, it would seem like Jeremy Lin playing a hefty distributing role would solve much of that. Only problem is that doesn't rectify Melo the ball stopper. He's never seen a shot he doesn't like, even if a higher percentage shot might be available elsewhere. With Lin's propensity for splitting defenders and driving to the basket, one can't help but wonder how willing Melo will be to give up touches in an effort to keep Lin initiated on the offensive end.

The whole argument that he played half a season on a depleted team argument is flawed. You make something out of nothing if you have to... look at what kind of regular season the Nuggets threw together in his absence. No discernible star power whatsoever but they made good with what they had.

Melo had a lot more talent as his second option than a lot of other stars did who pushed trades to new locales. Deron Williams, perhaps?
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