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Default Re: the fantastic 4!

Originally Posted by Batz
Hogging the ball for majority of the possession and then passing it to an open teammate at the last second does not mean he's moving the ball.

this has been the problem. he can move the ball, but he should not be bringing the ball up court and playing point guard. it's plainly not his strength. for one, it keeps him from getting the ball where he's in better position to score. plus he's always going to be a scorer then a play maker, and too often his natural inclination is to try to score when it seems like the offense isn't producing enough, and that freezes his teammates out and makes things worse.

he's really a big man, and should be a play maker out of the post like a big man, but that's not going to happen. thankfully he is versatile enough to also be a good off the ball scorer.

let him isolate at the end of the shot clock or when he has mismatches, but other than that he should play within a team context.
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