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Default Re: the fantastic 4!

Originally Posted by fubu05
You're right. Your gripe with Melo has been some "inferiority complex" that he seems to have developed overnight. That he feels he needs to score on every possession and will have problems playing off his point guard even though this issue has never been displayed in his NBA career. People have questioned Melo's lack of hustle defensively, his ability to make teammates better, but now hurting his teammates? And being stubborn and not wanting to play off his PG? This is definitely something new.

Yeah, getting defensive about what he can or can't do definitely has nothing to do with you being a Knicks fan or anything. Nevermind stuff like this, obviously. Going 10 for 30 and freezing out your star teammate in the process isn't about being a 'bad playmaker' or 'poor facilitator'... it's about taking ill advised shots. Christ, even JR Smith passes.

I love how this whole dumb debate started with me actually paying your team a compliment.
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