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Default Re: ever get with a girl you work with?

Originally Posted by Nick Young
damn 5 years, sorry, feel for you dude, I went through same thing but only lasted 2 years and ended when I turned 16 so isn't quite the same but that sucks dick.

After that I learned to never let yourself get in to friend zone of girls I meet who I feel attracted to after getting to know them at first. Kiss of death.
yeah... it was definitely a learning experience. thankfully it came at a time in my life where i'm finally gaining some confidence and i can deal without falling off the map. i just need to learn to get out there and f*ck some women haphazardly without it turning into a 'thing'. never done that but i've learned how charming i really am with a bit of a serpent tongue, so i'm expecting big things in the near future. just gotta put myself out there.
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