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Default Re: ever get with a girl you work with?

Originally Posted by andgar923
I wrote about my experience last year.

It was hell for me for 6 long months, I simply couldn't function at work. If she was there I spent my time trying to spend time with her, when she wasn't there, I spent my time thinking about her. I was like you, this girl is pretty, cute, sweet, sexy, she was my type to a tee. There's other girls where I work, some that are wayyy hotter, and not to brag, but some of them want me (badly). But I don't care for them at all. This girl tho, drove me crazy like only 1 other girl has in my life.

But there was some major problems.

For starters, we work together... and I've been there and done that, and it doesn't work well, unless it's purely sexual... even then.

And worst part of all.....

She's married with a kid, I'm engaged.

I tried my hardest to get over her, but I couldn't. So I finally told her how I felt.

I can't stand her now, she's a selfish c#nt attention whore. Not because she didn't feel the same, on the contrary. She never told me how she felt, even tho if we kept hanging out with each other, both of us would've fallen in love and she would've left her husband. She actually told my other co-worker how I "messed things up". And as we all know women, she had a plan... my guess is she wanted me to breakup with my fiancÚ so we could have a shot.

Moral of this long winded story is, it's gonna end up badly 90% of the time.

lol @ you messing things up. What things? It's a risky enough situation as is but when both people are in relationships it has to end messy for somebody. And even had you been happy as a person can be - everyone you work with would be talking shit about how you'd gotten together and passing judgment about you as people. No win situation there. Sounds like you're lucky to have gotten out of that one.
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