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Default Re: ever get with a girl you work with?

Originally Posted by Abd El-Krim
lol @ you messing things up. What things? It's a risky enough situation as is but when both people are in relationships it has to end messy for somebody. And even had you been happy as a person can be - everyone you work with would be talking shit about how you'd gotten together and passing judgment about you as people. No win situation there. Sounds like you're lucky to have gotten out of that one.

I've always asked myself what exactly did I mess up. I'll never know cause we don't speak at all.

I didn't want people to be gossiping about us, but she opened her mouth and told people how I felt about her. She didn't solely tell her closest friend at work, she told damn near everybody behind my back. Why? I have no clue and I'll probably never know. Can you imagine if people at work knew how you felt about this girl behind your back? utter humiliation, I hated going to work, and hearing slight comments directed at me or behind my back. Seeing/hearing people whispering and then smile at me. People that were really cool and close to me were now acting distant, as it I had done something wrong. It was an awful time for me, not just at work but in general, cause it was always on my mind.

I share all this cause one never knows what they'll get into. You obviously have 'feelings' for this girl, and it isn't just a sexual attraction. Not to say that this will happen to you, but it's something to consider.

I'm not sure how your job is structured, or what your duties are, but my performance at work changed dramatically. Bad enough that my manager warned me about my performance, and I thought about quitting. Not just getting transferred, but actually quit altogether. One doesn't know how things will evolve or how they'll turn out, until it's too late.

Keep clear dude.
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