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Default Re: Replace McGrady in Houston with LeBron from '04-'09

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12

Of course Tmac didn't play in that post-season due to a bruised usual. The Rockets still managed to get past the 1st round without him. That Must be a coincidence that the Rockets got past the 1st round without Tmac but were never able to get past it with him during those seasons

Yao Ming missed the playoff the previous season. I guess because he had a bruised v*gina as well? Are you seriously going to call out McGrady because of injuries when the guy is still playing and Yao is not? Seriously?

As far as Yao Ming goes.......... please man? come on?

Did you see Lebron get to the Finals with "the worst team to ever be in a NBA finals".... he got there with his 2nd best performer being Daniel freakin Gibson............

Yao Ming would be the difference between a Championship and Sweep in that Finals for example......... but now Yao Ming will be playing many more years with Lebron.... the real question is not IF they would have won a championship, the real question is HOW MANY!

I believe healthy Yao (which is almost an impossibility) paired up with LeBron is a guaranteed championship. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. LeBron James is like Iverson, he NEEDS the ball to be dominant. Yao, who in 2009 was "elite", needs at least 20 FG attempts per game. That means at least 25 touches. Is LeBron willing to share the ball? If he is, is he still as dominant? Look at his current Heat situation. He plays better when Wade is not on the court, because LeBron NEEDS the ball to be dominant. Not only that, his off the ball movement is not good, like Kobe in the Shaq era.
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