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Default Re: Jr smiths team officially miss the playoffs!

Originally Posted by Kiarip
You're an absolute idiot.

You said for JR to lead teams to losses he just needs to play his normal game...

His normal game in China resulted in him being the highest, and most efficient perimeter scorer in the league.

That's his normal game over there apparently. That's not the type of game that leads teams to losses (did Jordan lead his teams to losses according to you as well?)

A lot of his losses simply came from the rest of his team being garbage.

So, his normal game in China...CHINA...didn't result in his team making the playoffs.

And the Chinese league is absolute crap compared to the NBA.

So maybe his "normal" game doesn't do that much to lead to team success?

And what was your point again?

Bravo for the dumbest use of Jordan in a post ever.
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