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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Kobe Bryant at the time was a player everyone had heard about and many wanted him. Kobe's agent made it clear to all the lottery teams that he would NOT play for any other team other than the los angeles lakers, and that if any other team had drafted Kobe, they better have had a deal in place to send him to LA, which eventually led to Vlade Divac for Kobe, because the hornets wanted Vlade anyways.
Kobe was not on many teams top pick. Kobe was shunned by many teams and was not even top 10 pick. He landed #13

The rockets released Jeremy Lin, and then management said they regret doing so, only after he performed well.

A player's good performance in the D-League is not at all a predictor of how well they will play in the NBA.

Now let me ask you something Kobesabi, why wasn't Michael Jordan drafted number 1 overall? Shouldn't there have been scouts to see how well he was playing? Why was Michael Jordan cut from his high school basketball team?

Why was Dennis Rodman a walk on tryout in college? Why wasn't he well known?

Why was Manu Ginobli drafted number 59 overall in the NBA draft?

I could do this all day, if you want to put blame on someone for not recognizing him, you blame all 30 teams. Mike D'Antoni just THREW him in the game, and he ended up with a straight. He got lucky. Mike was about to be fired from the knicks. Nobody, not even the knicks, knew that they had a diamond in the rough.

He could have been lucky or one of their people did their homework to encourage their FO to give him a temporary contract.

To answer your question, it was because the majority were waiting on the obvious while someone sees differently in them. Which brings back to my point, despite what others see, at the end of the day, it matter what you (GM, your scouts, your staffs etc) see in that candidate and how or what potential you see the fit for him to your team - NOT what others see in the value in them. If you see something while others don't, that is going to be an advantage or a steal and maybe a diamond in a rough. By the time many people see something, it is no longer a steal and you won't get it easily. If you are a good picker, you would hope to see something that noone else sees to give you an edge over others. But yes, it could have been just pure luck for Knicks...but someone must see something in Lin when others shunned away toward him to offer him temporary contract while Lakers didn't even bother or slow to respond.

Anyway, I'm trying to say a good picker don't have to be on the wait until the obvious but can see a little more than the obvious before it become clear.
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