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Default Re: Is Utah shopping Al Jefferson?

Originally Posted by Hammertime
The simplest way to describe it is that Harris' skillset is a very poor fit for this Jazz team. He can bring a lot to the table, but the Jazz just do not need any of it, and what the Jazz need, he doesn't have.

He's basically a slasher who can dish it out to guys on the perimeter, and he can create a bit off the dribble. The Jazz are a very poor outside shooting team, so he really has no one to pass out to. The Jazz are also stacked like Scarlet Johansson at the 4 and 5 positions, so there is little room in the paint for him to drive. The lanes are usually clogged, and he'll either run into one of our bigs or a defender.

The Jazz need a PG who can run pick and roll, who can set up teammates, especially bigs, and who can throw alley-oop passes to one of the many leapers on this team. Basically, if Earl Watson was 23 instead of 33, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Harris would be traded away for a bag of magic beans and Earl would run the point. The Jazz would use the Okur TPE to get a SG, and that'd be it.

Of course, Watson is 33 and isn't a long term solution.

Good explanation.
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