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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
You have helped me prove my point with the bolded. If someone doesn't see that little fly that flew across the blackboard, the chances are, most or all have not seen it either. I doubt that Mitch and any GM as well as scouts in the league all read someone else's scouting report, and then make a decision on it. Why else did the lakers trade for Pau? Simply because after studying his game for a long time, they knew there would be a potentially perfect fit.

I asked that question for no other reason than to prove that nobody else in the league thought he was going to be that great. You agreed with Kobesabi's post, but there is a contradiction here. Kobesabi is saying that "teams need to do their own research, rather than going by what others say". You are saying "The reason Jordan wasn't drafted number one was because the hype around Clyde Drexler".

So while you are criticizing lakers scouts for "missing" the chance to sign Lin, you are also pardoning any team that didn't draft Jordan, but wait, I thought every other team had to do their own research, and see that special side of players? are extremely confused
Clyde Drexler was already a superstar on the Blazers BEFORE Jordan was drafted......please read up on the history of the game......I can't even discuss what you have no knowledge of......I know you weren't born yet.
It was Sam Bowie who was selected 1st because he was a center and Jordan was drafted 2nd....EVERYONE knew Jordan was going to be a superstar, EVERYONE knew that Jordan was the better player, even the Blazers.....but you don't draft a player in a position that you already have a superstar in.
Do you understand this???????
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