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Default Re: Dunk contest participants announced

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
That was actually the sorriest attempt to do an impressive dunk of Griffin's career. Clearly a commercial, made me wonder if it was all just rigged. I'm going to do something rare: Give credit to Vince Carter. The NBA needs a guy like him with insane talent to come along again and impress. Athletic non-NBA players put out vids of tricks all the time.
Yep. I'm in full agreement. The reason guys like Vince Carter, Julius Erving and Dominique Wilkins are special (in regards to dunking) is because they're rare and they're able to introduce a new wave and/or new style of dunking. To expect those types of dunkers to pop up every year would be shortsighted.

With that said, even when those types of dunkers aren't involved, I think the dunk contest most often remains entertaining. Harold Miner wasn't revolutionary, but he was enjoyable. Ditto J.R. Rider. Speaking of J.R., he helps reaffirm my point about new styles that can be introduced. Orlando Woolridge first pulled off the between the legs dunk in the mid-80's. Technically it was a good dunk but aesthetically, it was light years behind Rider's finish in 1994. However, due to Rider's stylistic ability, he often takes the credit for the between-the-legs flush.

So, not only are there technical dunks yet to be completed in the dunk contest, there's also room for players to complete dunks with a style unseen. For instance, if Paul George were to have completed this Vince Carter reverse 360 first ( do you think his style would have received the same fanfare as Vince's finish? Likely not. There's more wrinkles to dunking than a lot of the critics would like to give credit for. People have been saying we're out of dunks to do since 1996.



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