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Default Re: Dunk contest participants announced

Originally Posted by Story Up
Man tired of ppl underpreciating Iggy, his dunks were INSANE.
Just as good if not better then J-Rich's.
Iguodala is clearly an awesome dunker but there's something about his style I just can't put my finger on. I think his finishes are anti-climatic, like DeRozan's in his first dunk contest. He definitely dunks the ball, but there's little hand-rim interaction/follow-through. The limited hand-rim contact works when it's a player extending from the depths a la Dwight and Blake because there's still extreme power behind. With Iggy though, a few of his finishes in his contest looked a little sterile while the others weren't terribly clean.

I'm probably doing a horrible job of trying to break it down scientifically. There was just something, on some level, missing.
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