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Default Re: All-Star 2012: NBA Dunk contest participants announced

Originally Posted by bdreason
They may as well get rid of the contest at this point.

It's ONE ROUND and THREE DUNKS each???

When will the NBA realize it's supposed to be about FUN. The Dunk Contest should be a Jam Session like they do Skating. Let each guy do whatever they want for a few minutes per session, and let a few judges rate the overall session. All we want to see is these guys do some cool dunks. Nobody gives a **** about the results. I don't want to see a guy fail a dunk twice and then go sit down. Give him a 3-5 minutes to do whatever he wants. If he wants to use that time to try and accomplish some crazy, never-before-seen dunk, great. If he wants to just throw down a handful a power dunks, awesome. But the current system is boring, stagnant, and for lack of a better word... dumb.

really? do you have a link?
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