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Default Re: Let us all look at the positives (please read)

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Wow, I didnt catch that. 7 straight double doubles on 14 rebounds eh? Almost two blocks. Not bad. His great play is going to be necessary over the course of the season.

I was all for him being gone, but after he'd improved lately, I have calmed down, and actually got a little happy with him. As long as he is trying the way he is now, he always will have a place on this team.

And he is doing it next to a guy who averaged 13.7 rpg over the same span of games. Bynum also averaged 2.6 bpg. While it was a relatively unsuccessful road trip, it certainly was a tough one. I love our twin towers but man our pg situation is really hurting us. I really hope we can snag a quality pg without losing our 2 bigs bc I really think come playoff time, we will have a huge edge against most teams. Bynum is not the same player he was last year and he will be more improved come playoff time.
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