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Default Re: Let us all look at the positives (please read)

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
For much of this 2012 NBA season, most people have already passed the verdict on the lakers. I have heard many people pick out their problem that they have with the lakers. People point to Fisher and say that he is ruining our team. Few pinpoint the blame on Mike Brown and do not like some of his offensive philosophies or substitution methods. I have also heard that Kobe is shooting too much, or Andrew isn't being aggressive at posting up, or Pau is shooting too many jumpers.

What people have not looked at the positive variables that have come out of this season, which by the way, can be potential predictors of how well the lakers perform in the post-season, depending on how well their chemistry is by the time April rolls by.

Let's think about them:

1) Great defense- the lakers have had only 5 games where the opponents scored 100 or more points.

What an amazing effort so far into the season. This defense allowed the lakers to stay close throughout difficult games, and win many good ones as well. Defense and hustle wins championships, I would say we are on our way to looking like we are dark horse contenders for the championship.

2) Diversity - If there is anything about this team that I would find particularly different about our past teams is the fact that our diversity has increased as we now have many guys who can contribute in different ways. Bynum can score with 3 defenders on him. Kobe can also score with 2 or 3 guys on him. Pau Gasol has been improving in his play and helping us in any way he can. Troy Murphy has been hot, Steve Blake is back and is making some noise with Andrew "Goodluck" Goudelock. The potential of this team is there, and it can accomplish what it wants to if their cards play our right.

3) We are tough at home - We generally overlook how good this team is because of their current record, at 17-12, but did you know that the lakers are 12-2 at home? Did you know that two of those losses were by a combined total 3 points? lost by one against chicago, and by 2 against indiana. I would say these lakers sure know how to please the home crowd. The trick is to get them to piss off the haters on other teams' bandwagons. As long as we have the experienced Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and other veterans on this team, then this road record, which has slightly improved, can drastically improve.

Post whatever positives you want to note. We shouldn't crucify this team so fast. Notice that the triangle has been in LA for about 10 years, an entire decade. Getting rid of a decade's worth of something is difficult to do. Processes like these take time, and pretty soon, we will see a lakers' squad that will make us proud, as they historically have.
I felt they also missed Steve Blake, for what? 13 games? I really think if they decide to stand pat and not trade a player like Steve Blake, that Steve will become a major contributor with his pretty good defense, his passes and his ability to shoot the 3's.

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