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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

Originally Posted by knickscity
Actually I was just having a little fun going back in the past, as I've done on several occasions over the years, and ironically I noticed most of the overreaction came from a small handful.

It's not to attack you, so please do not ruffled as such.

No different than all the abuse I got for defending Jeffries when NOBODY WAS...... BUT ME.

And Lin was 100% x100 to the 100th power all luck, and total proof the NBA just like any other sport is scripted.

This kid has been getting bounced everywhere he's been, had to rely on his book smarts to get into basketball literally, got cut from two NBA teams, sent to the D-league IDK how many times, only to land on the biggest stage at the worst part of the season, where everything imaginable was going wrong, to a team with no pg?

And that isn't luck? This is the NBA version of winning the PowerBall!!!!

Like I said, my apologies if you think this is aimed at you directly, I do this every single year, my apologies.
You're right,I took it personally when I shouldn't have.

Maybe I'm prone to overreacting but in many cases that's more of a way to show my frustrations or thoughts at the moment than saying things I really think.
It's not easy to wake up at 1am or later just to watch your team playing like complete trash.
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