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Default Gamethread: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns TWO GAME SERIES February 19th - 21st

Well I figured I would make this interesting seeing that we play phoenix twice, so I figured since no one is making game threads, that I would make this a 2 game series thread to keep it going.

Lakers (17-12) will play the Suns (12-18) first today at 7:30 PM PST, and then fly to phoenix tomorrow to play them again on Sunday at 5:00 PM PST.

The records indicate that we are in fact, the better team. These lakers tend to surprise us however.

The suns have Steve Nash, who is a big motivation for his teammates day in and day out. These guys can beat the lakers because of the greatness of Nash.

The lakers have Kobe Bryant, a man who has publicly proclaimed his hate for the suns and is always playing well against them. With two bigs in Bynum and Pau to go to war with Kobe, the suns will have a lot to plan for.

I predict the lakers taking both games.

Lets go lakers!!
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