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Default Re: Let us all look at the positives (please read)

Originally Posted by bladefd
This team is definitely not as bad as some fans (including me) may have thought. They are already slowly figuring things out and there is a good chance that we may see a big trade soon.

Considering all that... Honestly, I just want to say one thing. There is something missing from this team and I just can't put that something into words. Maybe it's not the Lakers but nba-wide thing that is missing. I just don't have the excitement feeling this season to watch these games. Maybe it's the shortened season or maybe out of shape players coming out of rust? Maybe it's something else entirely, but what I do know is this season is just missing some of that excitement factor that we have been used to last couple seasons.. Maybe if the Lakers can pull Dwight or D-Williams or somebody, a piece of that excitement may be reclaimed but we will see.

Anyone else noticed this? or am I alone on this boat?

I mean there is Linsanity and some trade-talk excitement. Some of the younger teams wrecking out there like Indy or Philly, but overall.. something missing..

I think I can contribute to this thought process. There are a few things missing. A few ideas come to mind. I will list them:

1) A dominating lakers team - The NBA is so used to having a dominating lakers team. The lakers have the largest fan base in the WORLD, and they also have the largest group of haters. So in all honesty, a great lakers team benefits everyone. For example, a person like me thats supposed to hate the celtics, doesn't really show much hate for them recently because they are not that dominating force to be reckoned with. As they got worse, my hate diminished. Sadly, I enjoy watching their defense now. Its hard to hate someone that doesn't piss you off, does that make sense? There will come a day when the celtics dominate again, and I will hate them once more!

2) A shortened season - By the time the lockout ended, we were already so tired of the story. Everyday we were hearing conflicting reports. At one point they even said that there was no season coming at all. It got so tiring, when they returned, we said "hmm...whatever". It killed our spirits as fans. Now it hurts to watch some of these games as these players are out there looking tired already, and there's still a little more than half a season left to be played.

3) A point guard - We're getting irritated watching other teams' second string point guards dominating. We do have a big three, and a very very good big three. Kobe is still great, Pau is good, and Bynum is emerging still, trying to be great. We wish we were like every other team though

4) The Vetoed CP3 deal - This made me lose my faith that a big corporation like the NBA could be honest, and get business done. I have been upset with this until now simply because next time we're rumored to be trading for someone, there's always going to be that second thought, of "What's Stern going to do this time". I had received Chris Paul with open arms when this trade went through, and it completely sucked every bit of life out of me when I found out it was vetoed.

These 4 things are what make this season bittersweet. I know that once this one passes, we can continue next season with a sense of normality.
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