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Default Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

which do you choose to be the only one you watch again?
I've always loved satirical cartoon and these are my four favorites, but feel free to add whichever other you feel is necessary.

my pick is futurama. i've liked this show since i was old enough to stay up late enough for adult swim, which was after it originally got cancelled.
i own all four seasons and was dissapointed when i found out it got cancelled for know reason. was really happy when the three movies where televised and when two new seasons came out.

i think it is a great satircal comedy and doesn't get super imature with dumb jokes. everything kinda relates to today's time except the whole future part

this show and south park are the only shows i try to watch whenever a new episode comes out.

family guy and simpsons i really only catch during football season.
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