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Default Re: Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

Originally Posted by gigantes
futurama - i always liked it, but it's not getting any better with time. it's clever on the surface but pretty worthless satire.

family guy - gotta be the most pointless 'adult' cartoon i've ever seen. even seth macfarlane thinks its garbage.

south park - gets weird, self-indulgent and incredibly obnoxious at times. not to mention, trey & matt doing all the voices is beyond tired. but for all that, the issues raised and satire level are as cutting-edge as it gets.

simpsons - used to be a great show and was single-handedly responsible for all these new shows. hasn't been worth a piss since the late 90's, however.

king of the hill - smart, quality show, but got a little watered down somewhere along the line. awhile back i read that that was because of some network directives.

WINNER - south park, easily. not for charm, but for guts and talent. KOTH is first alternate.

i agree south park is great satirically, but futurama does have a lot of great epidodes. sometimes i interchange between the two, but only because south park has been doing what it does longer. some south park epidodes just dont interest me, but they do a great job at "shocking an unshockable world"
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