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Default Re: Futurama vs South Park vs Family Guy vs Simpson

right now

south park > futurama > family guy > simpsons


simpsons > south park > futurama/family guy

south park is the most intelligent show of the 4, but it seems to have gone a little bit too far with tackling current political issues and pop culture references. sometimes it is nice to have an episode that is contained within the south park world with little to no reference to anything outside.

the simpsons is the most beaten up and sold out show of the lot. it isn't even a shadow of its former self. it needs to end now. back in its day though it was the greatest cartoon ever made and was a pioneer for all modern cartoons (with some minor credit going to ren and stimpy too).

futurama lost a step during their hiatus, but it was the perfect follow up to the simpsons. it has plenty of in depth jokes and is still a solid show.

i was a late comer to family guy, and out of all of the shows it has probably given me the most laugh out loud moments. my only criticism of the show is that is too light on story and character development. the cut away jokes work, but overall there is no heart (unlike the simpsons which had the slap stick humor but followed it up with meaningful story lines).
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