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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by skan72
I haven't done a ton of practice plans this year, and I think that is part of the reason my team is having a tough time right now. We don't have the most efficient practices, usually when I don't have a plan.

How important do other coaches or players or whatever think having a practice plan minute-by-minute is?

I think it's absolutely imperative to have not only a plan, but a backup for each practice.

Don't know how much practice time you have with your group, but to me it's never enough. I need to make sure that we maximize every minute of time together or I've cheated them out of the chance to perform at their best in game situations.

As so many have mentioned, there's a craft to the teaching side of coaching, knowing your players and having a feel for what works best with them on any given day. That's why I always have a backup plan going in as well. Some days you can sense that you don't have their fullest attention, or that something isn't clicking right (or is happening too easily) on the practice floor. That's where having that backup comes into play. It can really help to sharpen focus of both players and coaches when you can seamlessly shift gears and shake things up a bit. I find it brings new energy to the session.

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