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Default Re: Favorite YouTube channels?

youtube has sort of replaced tv for me. i wont sit down in front of the tv and flick through to find something to watch, but i will do that with youtube. i still like a lot of tv shows, but i watch them online for convenience.

thunderfoot is a good one for science/religion stuff. has a long running series titled "why people laugh at creationists", pretty entertaining.

zinnia jones is in the same vein, but focuses the vast majority of her videos on lgbt stuff which makes for an interesting tangent. she was also in contact with bradley manning before he leaked all this information and there are pretty extensive chat logs of the two of them. got some insight into bradley's personality.

powerm1985 is also a sciency channel. seems a really nice guy, presents well. talks a lot about homeopathy, a little about his phd and some basic science lessons/experiments.
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