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Default Re: Facts that say Dirk is MVP

Originally Posted by Rab
Or it could be the charge and deflection out of bounds Nash had on JET in overtime.

I know, since Dirk is such a stellar defender and everything. If you're gonna knock the MVP for something, I don't think defense is the aspect you should focus on as Dirk fan.

No need to get sensitive. Just making a point on how stupid that part of dude's argument was.

Dirk is not a good defender. Nash isn't either. But it never seems to be mentioned for Nash. At times it's a double standard when dealing with the current MVP. Just as some of his questionable charge calls are. Most players would be called for a block. It's not being sensitive, it's bringing up a point. It's a Mavs forum after all. Not like we're going to have a Nash love fest here. And there are stupid arguements on boths sides. I mean, how intelligent is MV3 written over and over.
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