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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Yeah, my language skills have really skyrocketed from the constant selling and buying. But I have yet to apply any perks really to that area. I am wearing a helmet that somehow increases my bardering though.

I also seem to have broken a few of the miscelaneous missions. There's one of those bird people witch type things I was supposed to kill one for the other who was in a cage. I left her in the cage and went and killed the other, then came back and let her out to bring her to show her, but it won't clear.
There's also a bounty I'm supposed to collect from Skald, that won't appear on the map at all.
And then I've finally found two flawless saphire's to give to somebody, but that won't appear on the map either now.

I've only recently discovered that it's impossible to perk everything all the way up (without modding the game), and you can't complete every mission by definition (like joining the Stormcloaks eliminates any chance of joining the legion), so you can't technically go through the completionist method game play that I use to suck all the enjoyment out of everything I do. So I'm sort of resigned to the fact that I need to just go through what I can in the way I see fit and be done with it.
I use to have this same problem.What you do is click on the misc option like you would and on a regular questline.Then you have to click on the specific misc quest for it to show on the map.What i mean by that if didnt understand is that you have o have the arrow things on both the misc option and the misc quest.Sorry if it doesnt make sense im not sure how to explain it.

If it truly is broken the guy you deliver those saphires to is in Riften, in the market place he is a lizard guy.
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