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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12: Top 16: Week 5 Game Thread

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I think that Law wants to be the star player . He wasnt able to do that in Nba so he went to Europe thinking that its much worse than Nba and he must became star there . He came to Partizan to play for 500 000 ( I read that somewhere , not sure is it true ) , when Partizan didnt advance to top 16 ( fans blame him for that ) he asked to go to USA for New year . Than he said he wont came back to Partizan and signed with Olympiacos thinking he would become star there but he still isnt good and I dont think he will play in Euroleague team next season . His bigest problem is that the club he plays in should be happy he is playing for them but in reality he should be happy that there is a club that will sign him .

Well, it's Olympiacos after all.

€1.25 million euros net for a half season to Jannero Pargo (not Jeremy).

€9.4 million euros net for 2 years to Josh Childress.

Gave Von Wafer a €3.5 million euros net deal for 2 years, after he had been kicked off like 3 NBA teams for bad behavior, while their coach was Giannakis........

Gave an old washed up Vujacic €2.5 million euros net for 2 years.

Gave Macijauskas €9 freaking million euros net guaranteed when he could barely even walk.

€10 million euros net for 3 years to Papaloukas, after he was already past his prime.......

It's unusual for Partizan to give someone like Law $500,000 net, but it's just typical of the idiots that run Olympiacos.

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