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Default Re: Southland is coming back in January!

Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
I thought he planted it too.

And tbh, Sammy doesnt look like one who regularly goes by the book.

But, the look he gave Ben after being accused at the restaurant was something I would do though if someone thought I was

He was like "and here i was, thinking you knew me"
lol yeah, he's a little fishy. cool dude though.

my favorite characters are obviously ben and john cooper. i think the fact that john is a homosexual adds depth to the show. it seems like ben has 3somes every night

i still think ben+john=best duo evarr. i know sammy is badass too but cooper has the brains of a legit veteran. i somehow think at the season finale or around there both will have to work together or something, like in a shooting, etc.
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