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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12: Top 16: Week 5 Game Thread

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
It s unusual for Partizan to give anyone that much money , I just wish they kept the team from two years ago . For that much money they could have kept Maric ( why isnt he playing in Phanatinaikos ) or McCalleb .

Maric is a great offensive player and rebounder, but his defense is horrific. So he does not play. It does not mean he isn't good. Prime Javtokas was a beast and he did not play hardly in Panathinaikos either. Whenever you have Batiste there it is hard to get minutes. Hell Pekovic would get like 16-18 minutes a lot of the time.

Batiste is just so good that other guys have a hard time getting playing time. And combine that Vougioukas who has been demolishing every team in the low post (better than Pekovic or Sofo have played in the low post) and well, not much playing time.

Maric is good though. He should go to another team and play a lot more.

As far as McCalebb goes, he makes €1.1 million euros net per season in Siena, so he was out of Partizan's price range.
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